Friday, March 4, 2011

Yike! Long time.

OK, so I've been what I'd call-- well, not busy-- but... temporally coagulated. I have been eating, of course-- and I've been taking plenty of pictures of said food-- but they never make it here to be talked about. I do, however, have a house-guest (a fellow primal!) who I'll be hosting for the next few days. This means I've made (and will be making) heaps of food. Tonight's menu?

- Coconut Tamale Casserole
This includes my tamale dough, as seen in my Coconut Chicken Tamales as the bottom 'layer,' baked, then topped with grass-fed ground beef seasoned in 'tex-mex' ways. Recently I came across the statement that one of the main identifiers distingushing Mexican food versus Tex-Mex is the heavy use of Cumin in Texas. The next layer is stir fried multi-colored bell peppers and onions with jalepeno. This is topped with good cheese (Dubliner. Awesome Irish cheese that I thought fit really well despite its geographic inaccuracy!) and from there will be topped with dried onions and coconut flakes, as well as diner's choice of the following guest stars...

- Guacamole, Salsa, Coconut Sour Cream, and Jalepeno Cilantro Coconut Cream
The coconut Sour Cream was simply powdered coconut milk mixed THICK with lemon juice, water, and a little bit of raw goat milk yogurt. I then left it to sit out on the counter. I took a little bit of this mixture and blended it with a little more water, minced jalepeno, and HEAPS of cilantro. Just a little powdered garlic an onion resulted in a creamy green sauce that is chilling in the refrigerator as we speak. (Uh, are we speaking?)

- The BEST tex-mex cauliflower ever!
Sometimes I believe that pretending cauliflower is rice is very stupid. Sometimes, a heap of perfectly seasoned minced caulflower is the most AMAZING THING I'VE EVER COOKED. This was quite a process, but you'd swear you were eating the red 'spanish rice' from many-a-beloved tex-mex restaurants. OH MAN! Ask me about it. I may post the recipe, with pictures.

So, dare I say it... I believe I'm 'back' and will start posting with more regularity. That is, perhaps, enough regular posts that I will not have 'whopper' posts that people are disinclined to read?

Happy eating,


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