Sunday, March 20, 2011

1 Year... comin' up.

Herb LampIn 6 days I will have been "really" Primal for 1 year. AWESOME! This is epic, and I plan on doing a couple bloggy things in order to commemorate it. Here are a few things to expect:

First, a total revamp of the blog itself, as well as the move to (there is only a test post there now). It will simply be easier than having an unrelated (though endearing) URL to my blog's actual title.

On the new blog, I plan on utilizing a more consistant design and format (for things such as recipes) and bringing other aspects of myself and my life into the blog. I've been "awkward" about sharing much about myself, which I believe is good-- but it wasn't in as much a 'cautious' way as a 'confusing' way. (Don't you love how I'm mixing it up with quotations and apostrophes? I'm wild, I know.) I have accumulated many names and nicknames (not hear, so much as from the places that people find me from-- real life, forums, etc. I'm Shen, captainshen, ikaika, littlesaiyan, El...) and haven't avoided much identification despite that. So, I'll address you as me rather than as a mildly faceless nomenclaturally confused eating individual with inconsistent design. (some would argue that this description is me)

One aspect of myself that I have not embraced in this space is that of my art. I plan on hand-drawing many of my site's features, as well as illustrating posts every now and then. Art is an important branch of expression for me and I feel stunted by my lack of hardware (I need a good computer with good software) that allows me to bridge between the visual arts of the physical world and the graphical arts of the virtual world.

Certainly not least, I'd like to allow my embracement of local food and products to become, in some way, a hub of local resources. (Warning: this sounds rather self-congratulatory) I have a lot of information to share, and I've learned a lot that I think that people, especially in the Denton/DFW area, can benefit from.

So, in short:
  • New blog URL, New Design
  • Who am I?
  • Incorporate Illustrations
  • Provide Local Resources 
Other aspects that I will attempt to address with a little more clarity are my job and my connection to the other places on earth (my Hawaii/Texas background, my Japanese connection, my love of my country and other countries, my upcoming trip to Israel). 

So... dear viewers... please stay tuned!