Monday, June 17, 2013

Sneaky "Fast-Food" Options at Panera...

I don't like fast food, I don't get any pleasure out of stopping somewhere and grabbing something to-go, and if I'm going to a restaurant, I generally prefer that it is something quite special. However, I ran across something online today that impressed me: Panera Bread has a Paleo Menu. Actually, the dishes are called "Power" dishes. It is secret. It looks pretty delicious, and definitely a compromise that might be useful when dad-just-wants-a-quick-bite or friend-wants-to-meet-to-practice-her-upcoming-interview times. They definitely look higher quality than your typical make-shift fast-food salads. I don't see any ice-berg and the site identifies "extra virgin olive oil" and lemon juice...... sweet.

Perhaps its worth checking out... well played, Panera. Secret Menu found online or apparently can be asked for in-store.