Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Curry Beef with Radish and Okra

Beef with Radish and Okra Curry by CaptainShen
One of my favorite dinners, growing up, was when my mom would make curry out of an old Hawaiian cookbook and set out this tray with all kinds of little delights to sprinkle over the top. Green Onion, crushed nuts, raisins, coconut, cilantro... it was all so special and so customizable. I can't make a curry like mom, but I can do some good stuff with some good ingredients. I simply mandolined a tired wedge of purple cabbage. After steaming it, it popped to life, giving me a fresh bright bed to ladle my beef onto.
1 TB Ginger, crushed and minced
3 cloves garlic, crushed and minced
1 tsp dried minced citrus peel
Jalepeno, minced
1/2 L Onion, chopped
1 carrot, into tiny moons
1 cup okra, sliced
1 roma tomato, chopped
4 radishes, steamed and quartered
6 Brussels, steamed and quartered
3/4 lb...ish... beef
Fish Sauce
1/4 C Coconut Milk
Curry Powder
1/2 TB Cinnamon
Crushed Almonds
Shredded/Flaked Coconut
Oh, stop. Its not that long a list. Steam your brussels and radishes, and then lightly steam some cabbage. Sautee the first four ingredients in coconut oil. Sprinkle in fish sauce and add half of your curry powder (I used about 1 TB total, because I ran out, and it was far too little). Add onion, stir around a bit, and add beef. Brown, and before it is cooked through, add vegetables and the rest of the curry powder. Stir, hum to yourself, and add coconut milk. Sprinkle some more fish sauce, sprinkle some salt and arrowroot powder (I know it wasn't listed as an ingredient, but you were already baulking at the length...), give it all a thorough stir, and cover. Let it simmer while you pick some stuff up and then prepare little dishes of garnishes.

Spoon it all onto your purple cabbage, top with your favourites, and you're done.

Happy eating!

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Ke Keiki's Primal Adventure said...

Soo yummy looking, wish I could have enjoyed it with you.