Monday, October 15, 2012

Not food. YET.

Ikea Colander by CaptainShen

Ikea Colander, a photo by CaptainShen on Flickr.
I saw these colanders at Ikea and immediately imagined them as planters. I figured they were lightweight, strong, and inexpensive, as well as having proper drainage already in place.

1. Buy colanders.
2. Lay down three coffee filters, overlapping, or coir, cut to fit. (Like in my wine-crate planter)
3. Wet filters and fit down, sticking to the edges.
4. Fill with soil. I laid down soil in layers, misting between each layer, because my soil was pretty dry and I didn't want to mess with mixing it with water. Lazy.
5. Stir seeds together with seed-starting mix. This helps distribute and .. well.. start the seeds.
6. Sprinkle seeds mixture over soil in an even layer.
7. sift over another half inch of soil, water, and PAU!

Will update when these become food....!