Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Prosciutto Egg Roll by CaptainShen
Primal Shout-Outs:

Mom, having gone primal last September, continues to inspire me. She's a blast to eat with and a source of inspiration and someone with whom I can share. Every time she visits, we have an incredible time-- in eating and in goofing off. Who else can hula with their cave-mama? She's one of the youngest hearts I know.

Jeff! Meeting up with another crazy primal is always invigorating! I owe him thanks for the visit and an invite to come back anytime. Many meals and many adventures were had-- we did some crossfitting, some hiking, some shopping, and some chilling.

My Kumu. My hula teacher whom has just purged her home of grains and gone grocery shopping for the better. I'm so honored that she's decided to give this a go and I promised I'd get some good recipes up!

Audrey-- your son has always been one of my favorite friends. After we talked a lot online, it was very apparent that he came from good stock! I hope you are enjoying The Primal Blueprint thus far and continue to learn and experiment with this-- and always feel free to ask questions!

The fella in prep-foods at work: I'm sorry I haven't totally remembered your name yet, but I'm glad you've enjoyed my meal pics and hope you have fun experimenting with your own! Keep me updated!

The Vibram-Wearin' Paleo Eatin' guests from work: It was a PLEASURE meeting (I made the typo 'meating' and felt compelled to keep it... hah!) you both. You seem like amazing people and it is such a relief to meet someone you can talk to who GETS what you're saying, isn't it?? I hope you liked the pasta sauce and I hope the roast turned out good!
Up next: A recap Jeff's visit and the menu that saw us through, as well as a lot of pictures. After that will come recipes. I'll include a restaurant review for Snappy Salads very soon, and talk about the Whole30, dairy, and what primal means. Last but not least, I plan on setting out a Japanese Primal Guide.
Stay tuned! Throw me a comment! Seriously I need the ego boost.



Ke Keiki's Primal Adventure said...

Dear El hula daughter, I'm enjoying your blog,as always. Keep up the good work. Primal Rules!

Unknown said...

Hah, I feel like you should've interviewed me or something :P

Ke Keiki's Primal Adventure said...

El Shen San, I have reread your post and enjoyed it all over again. I have just packaged up some sock eye salmon for you, and expect great things to be done with it, I'll be looking forward to that post.