Thursday, May 30, 2013

Product Pick: Tessemae's Dressing

Alright. Something very good is happening in foodland right now. Within weeks of one another, two brilliant, clean, safe products have graced the shelves. Tessemae's is one of them.

One of the easiest things you can do is make your own salad dressing. It really is one of the number one most simple things to do. Yet, for years, I have taken the journey from hunting for to giving up on the perfect commercially available salad dressing. I'm all for doing something yourself, I'm all for simplicity-- but really, sometimes I just want to grab a bloody bottle of salad dressing and not worry about soybean-canola-oil-corn-syrup-sugar-and-crap within. I JUST WANT SOME SALAD DRESSING!

A gentleman named Caleb introduced me to the bottle that (finally) fits the bill. Dipped elegantly in red wax (taught to the company by Maker's Mark), the glass bottle with its popping, clean packaging contains only the finest of ingredients. There are a few varieties that shine brighter than the others-- Lemon Garlic, Balsamic, and Southwest Ranch stand out to me. For example, Southwest Ranch contains:
Olive Oil, Organic Lemons, Organic Garlic, Mustard, Sea Salt, Spices, Cracked Black Pepper
The most bizarre thing about the Ranch is how good it is and yet-- it isn't anything near the creamy-white substance we hold near and dear. Nope. It is neon orange and translucent. What? Whatever. Eat it. It would make a perfect marinade, too. I mean, I imagine all the things, dripping with this dressing. Shut up, it is an entirely reasonable image. I imagine chicken marinated in the ranch. I imagine avocado chunks tossed in the lemon-garlic. I imagine swimming in-- wait. Not that.

Please support this incredible family and their delicious, safe, healthful foods. Please please please make yourself some good things, and pour this all over it. I asked Caleb what it was that he wanted everyone to know. He responded: "We keep it real."

This might be the look that a dull salad receives before dousing.

TOPS. Winnah. On a scale of 1-10:
Ingredients: 10
Ease of use: 10
Nutrition: 9
Convenience: 10
Price: 7
Over-All: 9.2

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