Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Product Pick: Epic Bars

For our product pic today, we have Epic Bars, a novel snack that I'd best describe as a sort of jerky-bar. Yes! A snack! A protein-filled snack without any questionable oddities inside! Absolutely delightful to have something that I can throw into my gym bag in anticipation for errand-running, or take on a hike with me, or nibble secretly in the pantry at 2:30am. What?

This comes in Turkey, Bison, and Beef. It is made with Grass-fed meat (in some form or another) and each variety has something awesome in it, like bacon, or almonds. Really. I would call them a modern version of real pemmican, but without the tallow. Because hey, we aren't literally living only off of them while trekking across the great plains. And hey-- another secret-- the turkey one is my favorite. Yeah, really. I was surprised, too. They're all EXTREMELY good, though. I can proudly hold these and strut around with them. Also, eat them.

Portable delights. I mean, just getting back to the beef-jerky goodness of dehydrated meat is an "Epic" thing. They do ring in at $2.50 each, though, so be prepared.

On a scale of 1-10:
Ingredients: 7
Ease of use: 10
Nutrition: 8
Convenience: 10
Price: 3
Over-All: 7.6
Eat your meat!

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