Friday, May 14, 2010

Eons, Changes (and Trout)

I suppose a lot of time has passed! I'm still eating, and I just made something totally blog-worthy. I have got to tell you though, I have changed the way that I eat. I realized that I wasn't getting sufficient fats in my diet and that I felt sluggish and tired every time I ate grain, so I began eating in the way Mark Sisson outlines on I started this a little while back-- I'm not sure when, exactly, but I feel great.

Anyhow, I'm calling this amazing meal the World-Isn't-Ready-Yet Trout (Wiry trout? Hmmm...) because it was so good that I couldn't take a picture and post it, for that very reason. It is VERY easy. I had some wild steelhead trout (1oogm) and when I had previously grilled it, it was.... good... but just wasn't 'there' for me. I grabbed a little spice bag of 'Fiesta Mixed Spice' and my mortar and pestle, as the spices were whole (looks like fennel, cumin, peppercorns... I don't know what else). I ground up about 2 TB and then added in a half clove of garlic, mashed that in, added a small squeeze of lemon juice (from a lemon that thought it was already spent), and then last of all I added enough coconut oil to give it a kind of more 'pesto' texture. I gave the fillet (flesh up, skin down) a small drizzle of olive oil (because I'd be cooking it, you know, and that destroys it...) and basically just covered the flesh in the 'spice paste.' I stuck it in a container in the fridge and it was there for two days before I decided to use it.

Seeing as it was a rainy day, I couldn't grill, so I used the stovetop for the first time in ages. I don't have a skillet so I used a pot and got it nice and preheated. I then took the fish (without greasing the pan, because I knew there was plenty of oil in the spices) and dropped it in, flesh & spices down. I let it sear for a good while and get nice and black before flipping it and leaving it until it was done.

A fantastic bowl of romaine, green onion, avocado, pine nuts, fresh cilantro, green bell pepper, and the worlds teensiest cherry tomatoes was being prepared. Topped with olive oil, it was ready for the trout... and as I slid the trout from the pan onto the salad, sweet glorious beams of heavenly light hit me in the face and knocked me on my back. When I awoke, I consumed the best trout ever.

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