Monday, August 8, 2011

To like? Or not to like?

I have wondered for a very long time how it is that some people simply like or dislike certain foods. Flavor is an odd thing-- I can pick out a very favorite, distinctly flavored cheese or stir roasted bell peppers and garlic into anything and I just can't get enough of the flavor. Someone else could try it-- just this weekend I let someone try a favourite blue cheese, D'Auvergne, and they were straight-up repulsed by it. My salty, creamy, earthy block of buttery goodness?? How can this be?!

My friend Matt shared a very interesting link recently: The food a pregnant mother eats actually flavors her ambiotic fluid ("yum" is not the first thing that comes to mind), therefore making a lasting impression on her baby's preferences. Its a very cool article, so check it out.

It makes sense. Just as it is clear that smoking, drinking, and doing drugs effects babies, it is quite apparent that the food that Mom eats will too. I tell you what, though-- this will make it all the more hard to watch people-that-happen-to-be-pregnant noshing on horrific things.

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Vego said...

I guess that make since, about the babies maybe getting a taste of whatever the mom eats. Me and mom both love seafood and eat most of the same things. I love all her cooking.
But what about Steph? She hates like...everything that isn't chicken. Maybe she got sick of mom eating the other stuff.
Man, you could train some awesome kids with your diet. If I could, I'd make it to were they'd have a taste of human meat. They'd be a terror! (And probably be zombies.)